So Far So Great


I‘m writing you today from São Paulo, Brazil. Prior to arriving here, I spent 6 days in Rio de Janeiro. A stunning city which has everything going for it. Natural beauty, culture, weather, beautiful people, size, and some of the most interesting beaches I have ever been to. Rio is a city I have been dreaming of going to for almost two decades. Now that I have been I can say that does not disappoint. I had high expectations and they were all exceeded in the past week.


Next week I will have the privilege of spending another couple of days in that city, but first I will explore what São Paulo, the New York of South America has to offer.



Travel: Antigua, Guatemala

I visited Antigua in 2010. We enjoyed the architecture, the nature and Guatemalan culture.

The area is dotted with lakes and volcanos. A few hours drive from Antigua, Lake Atitlan is surrounded by volcanic peaks and picturesque villages.

Must sees are City Hall, and surrounding areas, La Merced Church, Santa Catalina arch, and the various markets.

There are wonderful restaurants in the center and at most hotels.

Typical Spanish colonial style window.

Santa Catalina arch

Lake Atitlan