Cholera Deepens Haiti’s Misery After Hurricane

Cholera Deepens Haiti’s Misery After Hurricane – The New York Times

NYTimes: Cholera Deepens Haiti’s Misery After Hurricane


My new adventure

Photo credit: Maria Fabrizio for NPR (source)

Today I have been informed that I have been accepted to the Medical Anthropology and Sociology Masters program at the University of Amsterdam. This makes me quite happy since it has been a long road to get here and there is a long but exciting road ahead.

After completing my degree in physiotherapy I realized that I wanted to head in another direction. I took a year off and after this year started looking into my options. One thing I realized along the way was that one of my biggest interests is the LBGTIQ community. This is why I plan to conduct my research in this direction and hope to be able to focus it on the LGBTIQ of the (dutch) caribbean. This is a group that sadly is virtually invisible in research in health.

It will be nice to share my journey on my blog the coming year.

Film: Test

Test [2013]

A film about living with the fear of testing positive. The story takes place in 1985 San Francisco. The blood test for HIV has just been developed. The main character goes through life fearing the test (or a positive outcome of it) until he finally decides to take it. Overall good performance by the actors, and beautiful dance scenes. [4*s]