Secret Love

Tropen Museum, Amsterdam

An exhibition that presents the works of twelve Chinese artists that show taboo love in China. By using mediums such as film, photography, oils, ink and paper, they illustrate the tensions regarding sexuality and gender identity.

Artists: Fan Popo, Wang Zi, Cheng Juanzi, Song Jianing, Li Xiaofeng, Shi Tou, Li Guangxin, Gao Brothers, Fen-Ma Liuming, Chi Peng, Yang Guowei, Xiyadei


Author: joelillidge

Joël Illidge is a blogger on health and culture topics with a focus on the sexual health of ethnic minorities in the Netherlands, particularly the Dutch Caribbean LGBTIQ community. He has an educational background in Health Sciences (B.Sc.) and Physiotherapy (B.Health.), and is currently embarking on a Masters in Medical Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam. He is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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