Tomb of the Diver

Tomba del Tuffatore



Found by the Italian archeologist Mario Napoli on the 3rd of June 1968 during an excavation of a necropolis near the formerly Greek city of Paestum in Magna Graecia.

In the grave there are several frescos. The most famous shows a man diving into waves. The tob itself contains a corpse of a young man (we can guess the man in the fresco) and several objects that would have been used at a gymnasium. It is estimated that the tob dates from about 470BC.

The image of the diver is a known gay icon and is often associated with the post war Italian photographer Nino Migliori similarly titled “Il Tuffatore”, 1951.




Author: joelillidge

Joël Illidge is a blogger on health and culture topics with a focus on the sexual health of ethnic minorities in the Netherlands, particularly the Dutch Caribbean LGBTIQ community. He has an educational background in Health Sciences (B.Sc.) and Physiotherapy (B.Health.), and is currently embarking on a Masters in Medical Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam. He is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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